The following physical gold products (investment bullion) and other investment products backed by physical gold (for example, exchange traded products and other types of funds have been certified as compliant with the new AAOIFI Shari'ah Standard on Gold, developed in collaboration with the World Gold Council, by virtue of the issuance of a fatwa signed by a current or past board member of AAOIFI.


This listing is provided for general information only. It does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy or any recommendation or advice relating to any of these products or to investing in gold or any investment, product or entity.

The inclusion of a particular product in the World Gold Council listing does not constitute the endorsement or recommendation of that product by the World Gold Council or any other entity.

The World Gold Council has not examined any product or any statement about any product in this listing or the financial condition, trading history or customer relations of any entity associated with that product. Investors must take responsibility to verify for themselves the status and appropriateness of the product and the vendor, the basis of their offers and the applicable terms and conditions, payment procedures, pricing, costs and risks.

Information for the listing is provided by the entities associated with the products themselves. The World Gold Council is not responsible for any aspect of the product or its offering, including the fatwa issued for the product.

Invesco Physical Gold ETC

The Invesco Physical Gold ETC aims to provide the performance of the spot gold price, as measured by the LBMA Gold Price (PM) in USD. Each Gold ETC is a certificate, which is secured by gold bullion held in J.P. Morgan Chase Bank’s London vaults. The issuer of the certificates, Invesco Physical Markets PLC (Invesco PMP), is an Irish-domiciled company administered by Wells Fargo Bank N.A. The vast majority of the gold bullion collateral is held in allocated gold bars. Any residual value that cannot be split into standard gold bars will be put into unallocated gold. This is placed in a segregated account with J.P. Morgan Chase Bank acting as Custodian and Deutsche Bank as Trustee. The investment return is achieved by holding gold bullion, which is valued daily at the LBMA Gold Price (PM). Invesco ETCs are exchange traded certificates and not funds or exchange traded funds.

TradePlus Shariah Gold Tracker Exchange-Traded Fund

The TradePlus Shariah Gold Tracker Exchange-Traded Fund is a commodity exchange-traded fund listed on Bursa Malaysia that provides investors a Shariah-compliant avenue to invest in physical gold without the hassle of storing or insuring gold bullion. The Fund aims to provide investors with investment results that closely track the performance of Gold price and it is benchmarking against the LBMA Gold Price AM. The Fund will invest a minimum of 95% of the Fund’s Net Asset Value in physical gold bars purchased from LBMA accredited refineries while the balance will be invested in Islamic money market instruments and/or Islamic deposits. The Fund is managed by Affin Hwang Asset Management which was incorporated in Malaysia on 2 May 1997 and began operations under the name Hwang-DBS Capital Berhad in 2001.

Affin Emas-i

Affin Islamic Bank Berhad (AFFIN ISLAMIC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Affin Bank Berhad (AFFINBANK). Headquartered in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, AFFIN ISLAMIC traces back to 1993 when it began its business as the Islamic banking arm of AFFINBANK. On 13 September 2005, the Islamic Banking Division of AFFINBANK was incorporated as a separate entity and effective 1 April 2006, AFFIN ISLAMIC operates as a standalone Islamic bank with an authorised and paid up capital of RM1 billion and RM160 million respectively. 

Affin Emas-i is a Shariah compliant gold product which offers customers a good alternative Gold investment opportunity and solutions within Shariah compliant options.

There will be two (2) types of product available for Affin Gold-i:

(a) Physical Gold

For customer who wishes to purchase and sell gold in the purest physical form available quoted in Ringgit Malaysia with the Bank. The gold will be in the form of minted gold bar (wafer with smaller denomination), cast gold bar or coin that is solely provided by the appointed counterparty.

(b) Gold Account

For customers who wish to trade in gold at a daily price in the form of passbook quoted in Ringgit Malaysia, without the hassle of keeping the physical gold.

DGCX Spot Gold Contract

DGCX was formed in 2005, listing its first product, Gold in November of that year. The Exchange has steadily grown and now lists over 40 products across four distinct product suites; Precious Metals, FX, Equities and Hydrocarbons. The exchange currently has over 200 members and over 80 Clearing Brokers. The DGCX Spot Gold Contract – Shari’ah Compliant marks the exchanges first foray into Islamic investing.

The DGCX Spot Gold Contract – Shari’ah Compliant is the only Exchange listed Shari’ah compliant Gold contract in the world and doubles up as the GCC regions first Exchange listed Shari’ah compliant commodity product.  The product has been provided with a Fatwa by Amanie Advisors, with Gold fully allocated within various approved warehouses throughout the UAE. The pay-in/out and delivery mechanism is carried out by the DGCX’s wholly owned subsidiary Dubai Commodities Clearing Corporation (DCCC). The delivery of the contract is through the DMCC’s established Murabaha platform; Tradeflow. Pay-in/out and delivery-in/out is accepted prior to 10am, on a T+1 basis, with full allocation and settlement before 2pm in Dubai on the same T+1 basis.

Muamalat Gold-i

Bank Muamalat is a leading Islamic bank, established on 1 October 1999, and is governed by the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 (IFSA). As a full-fledged Islamic financial institution, the bank offers its customers a broad range of services, meeting the needs of both individuals and institutional segments through its network of 63 branches. Other services include i–Muamalat, the bank’s internet and mobile banking solution in addition to e-Muamalat which houses the Bank’s network of ATMs, CDMs, and CDTs available at almost 240 locations nationwide.

Muamalat Gold-i (MG-i) is a Shariah compliant gold product which offers customers the opportunity to participate in the precious metal market in a convenient and secure way. Customers may choose to purchase physical minted gold bars of selected denominations or purchase gold in the form of an account from as low as RM10. Returns are from the capital appreciation of the customer’s initial purchases and is subject to gold price fluctuations.


HelloGold is a company that changes the way people buy and sell gold. Founded by Robin Lee, previously CFO of the World Gold Council, we offer a mobile app that lets customers purchase and sell gold for as little as RM1 and at competitive prices. The gold is fully insured and stored in a secured vault in Singapore. The entire process is designed to be Shariah compliant and includes all the Know Your Customer and Anti - Money Laundering safeguards. The HelloGold app is now live! It’s currently available in Malaysia and will be rolled out to other markets in Asia soon.

The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint offers the world’s only Shari'ah Compliant government guaranteed precious metals investment and storage program. 

Its allocated and pool allocated products, as well as bullion bars and coins, have been endorsed as Shari'ah compliant by highly respected Sharia advisory consultants Dar Al Sharia Limited, in accordance with the AAOIFI Shari’ah Standard on Gold. 

With clients ranging from sovereign wealth funds to individual investors, The Perth Mint’s depository safeguards gold, silver and platinum worth more than $3.1 billion in central bank grade storage in Perth, Australia. Alternatively, clients can opt for physical delivery of their precious metals investments across the globe.

A mobile friendly portal means clients can access live pricing, and buy and sell precious metal anytime, anywhere with a minimum transaction amount of $50.

Physical Gold Fund

Physical Gold Fund (PGF) is a fully-regulated, transparent, and highly liquid physical gold investment fund. 

Physical Gold Fund provides the world’s premier gold ownership solution built around the strongest, most robust custody, insurance, and governance. PGF’s unique approach is based on extraordinary steps taken in operational design and custody structure. 

Physical Gold Fund is a simple, straightforward tool for allocating a portion of a portfolio to physical gold and exceeds world-class standards for governance and reduction of counter-party risk. PGF’s unsurpassed methods allows investors to participate in the highly liquid, tangible physical asset of gold while providing robust protection versus risks commonly found in other gold funds. The Fund’s strategy is to invest in long-term holding of unencumbered, fully-allocated physical gold bullion bars held in private LBMA-accredited high security vaults with trade clearing directly through some of the world’s largest refineries. This unique strategy provides Physical Gold Fund investors with a high level of liquidity and the lowest levels of counter-party risk compared to other funds or investments that may have unallocated or derivative positions in gold.


  • Refinery direct gold acquisition and redemption with no intermediary banks or prime brokers = greater liquidity, lower counterparty risk & lower acquisition costs.
  • Physical gold custody in privately operated security vaults only, ‘non-bank’ & ‘non-government’ = lower counterparty risk.
  • Full ‘All Risk’, at market value insurance of the physical gold through Lloyds insurers, the Fund has also taken reasonable measures to protect the value of its physical gold bullion assets from the threat of government confiscation and other events normally excluded under "force majeure".
  • Flexible Subscription in Kind.
  • Flexible Redemption in Kind.
  • Fully Shariah Compliant and Endorsed.
  • World leading third party service providers, independent administrator and auditors.
  • Fully compliant with global reporting and compliance standards.

Quantum Metal

Quantum Metal (“QM”)   is one of the largest gold bullion traders in Malaysia. We are principally involved in the trading of refined LBMA gold products (i.e. cast gold bars, gold coins, minted gold bars) with banks and government institutions to support their onward sale of refined gold products as well as gold savings products to retail customers. In addition, we also manage and operate our gold savings platforms which target retail customers.

Our mission is to make physical gold accessible to everyone. We designed the Quantum Metal - Gold Savings Account (GSA) as a shariah compliant product- compliant with the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI)’s Shariah Standard on Gold and its Trading (Shariah Standard No.57). Quantum Metal provide our clients with the lowest possible prices for dealing and storage while delivering the highest level of security and transparency. The QM GSA is an online account that allows you to securely invest in gold owned in your name at insured vaults across several countries. A QM Gold Saving Account is a custodial account with is allocated, segregated and physically redeemable bullion belonging to its owner and enables transfer of ownership of gold to a third party in value as low as RM1 or grammage in up to decimal points instantly. It’s more secure than traditional accounts at a bank or investment firm , and has lower risks and costs than holding physical gold. When it comes to physical gold, no other service offers more features and utility than the QM GSA. With the enhancements due in our near future Fintech-products will enable our clients to own gold within the Fintech ecosystem.