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UK Islamic Finance Week

4th September, London, UK

With six licensed Islamic banks and over 20 international banks offering Shariah compliant financial products, the UK’s Islamic finance industry is a favorite destination for investors, particularly for its flourishing real estate sector. Apart from the banking industry, the London Stock Exchange is also one of the most active Sukuk-listing destinations, with 67 listed Sukuk and three Islamic exchange-traded funds to date. On top of this, implications from Brexit has also led the Kingdom to boost its international trade and financial relationships with existing non-EU trade partners, especially with key Islamic finance markets from the regions of the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Islamic Finance News Islamic Investors 2019

2nd July, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

IFN Islamic Investors Forum has been widely embraced by the industry as a platform to discuss and debate all things related to Islamic investments. Welcoming a broad range of investors from all corners of the world, IFN Islamic Investors Forum will be staged in Manama, Bahrain, one of the most advanced Shariah finance capitals of the world.

Arab Bankers Association: Roundtable discussion with the World Gold Council

2nd May, London, UK

The World Gold Council will be hosting a lunch for ABA Corporate Members on the subject of Shari'ah-compliant gold investment.

Islamic Finance News Issuers and Investors Forum 2019

28th April, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Issuers & Investors Forum will feature prominent players from all over the globe, market experts and regulators to share their knowledge and expertise with the Saudi Arabia market. It will explore the opportunities within the country for Islamic issuers, investors, corporates and financial institutions.

Islamic Finance News Asia Forum 2019

23rd – 24th April, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Anchoring big players like Malaysia and Indonesia, the Asian Islamic capital market has been leading the global industry, not only in size, but also in innovation and diversification. The sophisticated infrastructure of Malaysia is a hallmark of excellence globally, the immense potential of Indonesia’s population and its flourishing sovereign Sukuk market remains captivating to many and the phenomenal market expansion rates in Pakistan and Bangladesh are widely envied.

Middle East Wealth Management Forum 2018

24th January, Dubai, UAE

Andrew Naylor, Director, Central Banks and Public Policy joined a panel of institutional investors to discuss innovation in asset management and the role of gold in the portfolios of Islamic institutional investors. It was also an opportunity to discuss our recent research showing that Islamic finance is set to grow with more than 76% people surveyed agreeing they would increase their exposure to Islamic finance. More than 200 CEOs, COOs, and other senior practitioners attended – from a mix of local and international Private Banks, Retail Banks, Insurance Companies, Independent Firms & Family Offices, Asset Management Companies, and IFAs.